Sydney Photographer Coogee Beach Engagement Photos

Anthony and Sophie have bee together for SIX WHOLE YEARS! They recently got engaged when they planed a trip to Hunter Valley. They went with a bunch of their closest friends (who all knew what was about to happen!). They were there in wine country, just all hanging out, when one of the friends suggested that they do a couple photoshoot. Obvs Anthony set all of that up beforehand. So they all went over to this gorgeous vineyard. And it was sunset. and the lighting was perfect. And Sophie was just doing her thang, getting those angles while Anthony was just sweating, trying to gage the perfect moment to get on one knee. Their friend turned on their favorite song, and Anthony knew that that was the cue. He grabbed the ring and got down on one knee. Sophie immediately froze and was completely in shock. He asked her if she wanted to spend her life with him and make him the happiest man in the world. She immediately started crying and couldn’t believe it. So that’s how they decided on forever. Pretty dang sweet. CHeck out their engagement photos.