Iceland SKogafoss Waterfall Elopement Photographer BreeAnna Lasher

Rebekka and Steinar met when they were 12 in Reykjavik. They were in the same group of friends, and they dated for a while. But, as most 6th grade relationships do, it didn't last. They remained friends though, and continued to hang out in groups. (A twelve year old "How I met your mother" situation, I guess) Many years later, in college, they reconnected and "just clicked again" as Rebekka said. Now they've been together for several years and have the cutest little baby together! They are SO freaking cute together, and love exploring Iceland together. Steinar's father owns an icelandic horse farm, that Steinar was lucky enough to grow up on, and him and Rebekka love riding their horses around the huge farm. (#jealous) 

skogafoss elopement photographer breeanna lasher
skogafoss elopement icelandic couple session photography by BreeANna Lasher
Skogafoss iceland elopement photography by BreeAnna Lasher
iceland engagement session by Skogafoss icelandic couple by BreeAnna Lasher

We were originally supposed to shoot at the black sand beach, but when we got there, the wind was SO STRONG it almost blew my car's door off of its hinges! The rain was DUMPING and so we decided to drive back to Skogafoss, the waterfall that we had passed earlier that day. Skogafoss is one of the LARGEST waterfalls in iceland, and PNW waterfalls did not compare to this guy AT ALL. Apparently there's supposed to be hidden treasure hidden in a cave BEHIND the waterfall, but with so much water pouring from the cliffs, you can see why no one has made it back there to find it yet. In case you think that this waterfall looks familiar, you may have seen in in one of Justin Bieber's music videos. (Watch it here! Maybe on mute!)  

iceland elopement photographer skogafoss couple by Breeanna lasher
icelandic couple at skogafoss for an elopement couple session and bridals by BreeANna Lasher

By the time that we got back to the waterfall, the rain had stopped and we happily ran towards the waterfall! It may as WELL have been raining though, as wet as we got running around near the waterfall! It was nearly impossible to keep my lens dry and I had to dry it after basically every shot! Even still, I couldn't believe the magical-ness that I was capturing. Rebekka and Steinar have such a beautiful connection, and its so easy to see how in love with each other that they are! We ventured as close to the waterfall as we dared, and Rebekka and Steinar got SOAKED. Somehow they looked even cuter while I proceeded to look more and more like a drowned rat as the shoot went on. Icelandic people are magical beings, I SWEAR. This place was THE most gorgeous, and you should definitely check it out if you're ever in iceland!

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iceland skogafoss waterfall elopement couple session photographer by Breeanna lasher
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