Presqu'ile Engagement Photographer/Zack and Dannielle

I went up to Canada this week! Toronto was fridgid, and somehow Brighton was EVEN COLDER! We hung out at Presqu'ile park all day, and I swear I couldn't feel my toes for a week after!

So Zack and Danielle have know each other since high school. Even though BOTH OF THEM liked the other, neither of them said anything, and they never kissed. After highschool, they only saw each other rarely. Zack left to travel the world, and Dannielle stayed in their hometown. Last year, Zack came back to town and they setup a coffee-and-catch-up date. During the date, they both realized that their feelings hadn't changed since high school! But they still didn't kiss.  A month later, He told her, and they FINALLY kissed and started dating. Now, they're basically the cutest humans evah, and I have to keep telling people that they're not actually models and are just some crazy cute kids. Zack proposed to Danielle at the cutest spa in the countryside: Ste Anne's spa. He took her for a walk in the snow, and she was completely surprised screaming "no way!" before finally saying yes!

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Brighton engagement photographer
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Brighton elopement photographer
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