Austria Alps Lake Elopement at Hintersee

I met up with Hannah and Hannes in Salzburg, Austria in front of Mozart's house. We then drove up to the alps, past fields of sheep and cows and the cutest chalets I've ever seen. We eventually came to the lake, Hintersee. Behind the lake, the alps towered, casting shadows on the green-blue water. Ducks played by the shore, and boats were rowed lazily across the waves. Hannah and Hannes got dressed in the woods, and then we headed down to the rocky shore. Hannah and Hannes met at work in Linz, Austria. After the first day of meeting, they both couldn't stop thinking of each other. Hannah was the one who took the first initiative, coyly adding him on facebook after finding his full name in the agency brief. She says that she was so nervous friending him, but that he messaged her back literally 3 seconds later! From that moment, they couldn't stop texting each other, and their families and friends often caught them smiling at their phones. Their official first date was to a sushi restaurant in Linz, and from those fishy beginnings, they built a beautiful relationship. Right from the start, it was clear that they fit perfectly together. Besides the similarity of their names, they both love traveling, photography, coffee, and both studied to become teachers! They also both hate skiing, even though they grew up in Austria. (Apparently, not all Austrians are into that sport!) After dinner, they went and played pool. After thoroughly beating Hannah, Hannes couldn't resist anymore and HAD to kiss her. They both say that it was the most magical moment, and that they will never forget the feeling of finally finding your soulmate. After they were done playing pool, they drove to a hill overlooking the city and watched the lights twinkle in the darkness. They said that they had always wondered if they would know when they met the person for them, and once they met they understood what people mean when they say "when you know, you know!" 
It was the day of their anniversary when we drove to the alps, and Hannah and Hannes said their vows to each other under the shadow of the tall mountains. They then shared a first dance on the soft green grass, twirling by the shore, serenaded by the soft waves and the quacking ducks.The autumn colors of the trees were reflected in the water, and it was truly a magical afternoon. 

Austrian elopement at the HIntersee By BreeAnna Lasher
hintersee elopement couple session by photographer BreeAnna Lasher
An elopement in the Austrian Alps by BreeAnna Lasher
Hintersee german lake elopement by BreeAnna Lasher
Hintersee elopement by BreeAnna LAsher
Destination photographer BreeAnna Lasher
elopement in the austrian alps
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Destination elopement Austrian wedding Photographer BreeAnna Lasher
Germany elopement at hintersee by BreeAnna Lasher
German elopement in the mountains by BreeAnna Lasher
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Hintersee elopement in a boat by BreeAnna Lasher
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Hannah and Hannes engagement photos on a lake in Hintersee, Germany
An elopement in Hintersee Germany. A cute lake and a cuter couple and their intimate wedding
Hintersee lakeside elopement photography by BreeAnna Lasher
Germany elopement photography by BreeAnna Lasher