Best Houston Engagement Photographer

OMG Chloe and Kirby are some of the most adorable humans EVER. I hung out with them in Houston, and we explored this cool land that may or may not have housed some alligators... Yes, I was pretty terrified. Don't worry, I stay FAR away from any body of water whenever I'm in Houston. So this was my second time in Houston, and every time, I am always impressed by how freaking HOT it always is! Like, they were wearing sweaters because Target was telling us it was time for fall fashion, but it was summer weather ALL THE WAY. So Chloe and Kirby met WAY BACK in high school. And, at first, Chloe didn't like Kirby AT ALL. And the feeling was pretty mutual. But they had a lot of mutual friends and were in all of the same groups, and as time went on, they slowly became inseparable. In fact, all of their friends now refer to them as their couple name: "Chlirby." Which is basically the cutest. So they fell in loooooooove, and they got engaged last year! Now they have three of the CUTEST dogs together, and basically make up the most attractive family is all of Texas! It was also pretty cute that a random dog came running up to us in the middle of their session! So I HAVE to tell you guys this story. SO when I arrived at the park, I was wandering around, scoping out the locations and I saw this cute dog. So the park was deserted, it was in an area where the floods had hit so all of the surrounding neighborhoods were empty. So this dog was just sitting in the grass, and I walk up to him/her and say "Hi, Mr. Dog, how are you?" and proceeded to have a conversation (albeit one-sided) with this cute dog! After like a full minute, I look up, and in the shadows, THERE WAS A MAN STARING AT ME. And it was CLEARLY his dog, and he was just standing there WATCHING ME have a conversation with his dog like THE CRAZIEST PERSON IN ALL OF HOUSTON! My heart literally stopped. Who does that?!? I didn't know what to do, so I said "Goodbye Mr. Dog!" and RAN off! So pardon that brief sidebar story about my weird experience with the dog that made a random cameo in our engagement session! Enjoy these cute photos of these adorable humans now!